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Town Council

The Town Council meets the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00pm

Videos of Town Council meetings can be found on our YouTube Channel. 


News & Announcements

Budget Workshops

Posted: 09/25/22 ()

Town Council will hold Budget Workshops at the Town Hall at 5 Elm Street on the following dates:

Tuesday, September 27 at 5 pm
Thursday, October 6 at 6 pm
Thursday, October 13 at 6 pm
Tuesday, October 18 at 5 pm

Conserve Energy During Extreme Weather Conditions

Posted: 07/28/22 ()

During extreme weather conditions, like the intense heat we experienced last week, NYSGEG monitors their substation equipment. The current demand for energy + high temperatures puts additional stress on the system in the county. You can help by conserving power as much as you can.

You can do this by not running major appliances until after 8 pm, turning off lights when you leave a room, turning up the thermostat by a few degrees, and ensuring your AC filters are… more


Posted: 07/12/22 ()


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Town of Delhi will be accepting bids for:

ITEM #3 - #2 Heating Oil – Price delivered to Delhi Town Hall and Highway Garage.

Bid will be a fixed price; any/all fees must be included.


All items must meet New York State specifications and must be in a sealed envelope clearly marked “Bid for Item #____.”  All bidders shall… more


Name Contact Position
Margaret Baldwin
William Cairns
Joseph Kehoe & David Merzig
Matthew Krzyston
Christina Viafore


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town-village-joint-meeting-2018-07-16.pdf Minutes
town-village-joint-meeting-2018-05-08.pdf Minutes
town-village-joint-meeting-04-02-18.pdf Minutes
town-of-delhi-organizational-chart.pdf Minutes
town-of-delhi-budget-2019.pdf Budget
town-of-delhi-budget-2018.pdf Budget
town-council-meeting-01-11-2021 Agenda
Town-Council-Agenda-2020-08-11 Agenda
town-council-agenda-11-08-21 Agenda
Town-Council-Agenda-10-13-20 Agenda
Town-Council-Agenda-09-12-22 Agenda
Town-Council-Agenda-08-08-22 Agenda
town-council-agenda-07-11-22 Agenda
Town-Council-Agenda-06-13-22 Agenda
town-council-agenda-05-09-22 Agenda
town-council-agenda-04-12-21 Agenda
town-council-agenda-04-12-2021 Agenda
town-council-agenda-03-08-2021 Agenda
town-council-agenda-02-14-22 Agenda
town-council-agenda-01-10-2022 Agenda
Town-Budget-2021.pdf Budget
Public Health Emergency Plan
Town of Delhi 2020 Budget Budget
Town Council Agenda 12/13/2021 Agenda
Town Council Agenda 03/14/2022 Agenda
Public-Hearing-Preliminary-Budget-11-8-21 Minutes
Public-hearing-10-13-20-Local-Law-No-002-2020-Override-Tax-Levy Agenda
Public-hearing-11-8-21-PRELIMINARY-2022-BUDGET.pdf Agenda
Public hearing 10-13-20Local Law No 002-2020 Override Tax Levy
Organizational-Mtg-min-01-05-21 Minutes
town-council-meeting-01-11-2021 Agenda
EMERGENCY-MEETING-Swimming-Pool-2022-30-06 Minutes
December 2021 Year End Meeting Agenda Agenda
council-year-end-meeting-minutes-2020-12-29 Minutes
Town Council Year End Meeting 2019-12-27 Minutes
council-year-end-meeting-minutes-2018-12-28.pdf Minutes
council-year-end-meeting-minutes-2014-12-30.pdf Minutes
council-year-end-meeting-minutes-2012-12-28.pdf Minutes
council-year-end-meeting-minutes-2011-12-30.pdf Minutes
council-year-end-meeting-agenda-2018-12-28.pdf Agenda
council-workshop-budget-2019-10-24.pdf Budget
council-workshop-budget-2017-10-26.pdf Budget
Council-special-meeting-minutes-2020-06-30 Minutes
council-special-meeting-minutes-2015-06-30.pdf Minutes
council-special-meeting-minutes-2010-11-01.pdf Minutes
council-special-meeting-minutes-2010-09-23.pdf Minutes
council-special-meeting-minutes-2010-08-30.pdf Minutes