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Town Council

The Town Council meets the 2nd Monday of the month at 6:00pm

Videos of Town Council meetings can be found on our YouTube Channel. 


News & Announcements

2024 Town Budget

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Public Hearing Adoption of a Local Law to Override the Tax Levy Limit

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            NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Public Hearing will be held before the Town Board for the Town of Delhi at the Delhi Town Hall, 5 Elm Street, Delhi on the 13th day of November 2023, at 7:00 p.m., regarding the adoption of a Local Law to Override the Tax Levy Limit established in General Municipal Law §3-c.  This law is being proposed to comply with subdivision 5 of the General… more

Public hearing on the Preliminary 2024 Budget

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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Delhi Town Board will hold a public hearing on the Preliminary 2024 Budget at the Town Hall at 7:00pm, on the 13th  day of November 2023 and that at such hearing any person may be heard in favor or against the preliminary budget as compiled for or against any item or items therein contained. 

Pursuant to Section 108 of the Town Law… more



Group Documents

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council-meeting-agenda-2013-04-08.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2013-05-14.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2013-06-11.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2013-07-09.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2013-09-10.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2013-10-08.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2013-11-12.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2013-12-10.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2013-8-13.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2014-01-14.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2014-02-11.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2014-03-11.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2014-04-08.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2014-05-13.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2014-06-10.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2014-07-08.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2014-08-12.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2014-09-09.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2014-10-14.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2014-12-09.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2015-01-13.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2015-03-10.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2015-06-09.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2015-08-11.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2015-11-10.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2015-12-08.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2016-01-12.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2016-03-08.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2016-04-12.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2016-05-10.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2016-06-14.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2016-07-12.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2016-08-09.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2016-09-13.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2016-10-11.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2016-11-08.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2016-12-13.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2017-01-10.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2017-02-14.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2017-03-17.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2017-04-11.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2017-05-09.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2017-06-13.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2017-07-11.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2017-08-08.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2017-09-12.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2017-10-10.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2017-12-12.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2018-01-09.pdf Agenda
council-meeting-agenda-2018-02-13.pdf Agenda