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Shared Services Update

Posted: 03/18/13

We are happy to announce that the Town, Village and the school will be entering into a new agreement that will allow skating at the site of Delhi's former pool.  We expect to offer skating in February 2014. 

The shared services committee has been studying Delhi's comprehensive plan to find ways to bring some of the plan's goals to reality.  It will take some time but with the concerted efforts of the Town and Village we feel confident many changes can be made.

We have been discussing plans to form a new recreation department between the Village and Town that would be responsible for maintaining the parks and playground as well as hiking and biking trails and the new swimming pool.  We hope to offer more recreation opportunities for the residence of Delhi. 

The committee has found that by having open communication between the Village and Town, we have been able to work through many of the old issues that once divided us.  The members of the committee feel there is only one Delhi and we all are a part of it. 

Should anyone have a concern or idea for the shared services committee, please feel free to contact a member of the committee.


Posted: 01/07/10

Our goal is to make your town government more open, accessible, and to provide you with better day to day service. This site will give you quick, easy answers to many of your questions regarding Delhi's Town government. You can find a calendar of events and meetings, along with agendas, minutes, and even video of recent board meetings. Forms and applications are available online, saving you a trip to the town office.