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Name Contact Position
Shawn Ackerly
Allan Alwine
Margaret Baldwin
Christopher Bodo 607-242-5627
Frank Bovee
  • Assessor - Assessor, Chairman, term ends in
William Cairns
James Corcoran
  • Assessor - Assessor, term ends in
Joseph Kehoe & David Merzig
Dale Downin 607-746-6733 (Town Office), 607-832-5522 (County Office)
Daren Evans 607-746-2237
Justin Foster
Joseph Gifford
  • Assessor - Assessor, term ends in
Marianne Greenfield 607-267-2708 (cell)
Richard Gumo 607-746-7278
Lois Haight
Elizabeth Kelly
Matthew Krzyston
Regina Krzyston
Arthur Maxwell
Laura Mills 607-746-2172 / 607-746-3737
Dominic Morales
Josh Morgan
Vince Olechnowicz
Sarah Poole
Scott Rasmussen
Allan Reed
Maggie Reinmann
  • Supervisor - Supervisor's Bookkeeper, term ends in
Paul Roach
Brian Rosenthal
Kevin Rossley
John Sandman
Elsa Schmitz 607-746-2172 / 607-746-3737
Kathleen Tofts 607-746-7278
Mark Tuthill
Christina Viafore
David Wakin
Jay Wilson
Lisa Wisely