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Get a copy of a marriage record

As long as you applied for your Marriage License at the Town of Delhi you can get a certified transcript at the Town Clerk's Office.

Who is eligible to obtain a marriage certificate copy?

  1. The Bride or Groom
  2. Other persons who have a:
  • documented judicial or other proper purpose, or
  • New York State Court Order

What is a judicial or other proper purpose?

If the applicant is not the bride or groom, a judicial or other proper purpose must be documented. An example of a judicial or other proper purpose would be a marriage record needed by the applicant to claim a benefit. Documentation would consist of an official letter from the agency verifying that to process the claim they require from the applicant a copy of the requested marriage record.

There is a $10 fee for certified marriage certificates

You will need
  • A completed form (Brought to Clerk's Office via mail or in person)
  • A copy of your Driver's License