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Get a building and zoning permit application

Building permits are required for any construction. Fees are dependent on project.

Town of Delhi Permit Fee Schedule


  1. Site built Houses and Modular houses--*$.003% total cost
  2. Mobile or Manufactured home
    A. Single wide on slab--$150.00
    B. Single wide on foundation--$200.00
    C. All 2 or more section manufactured home--*$.003% total cost
  3. Installation of mobile or manufactured on existing approved and code compliant site--$100
  4. Renovations, alterations or additions to existing buildings for each $5000 in value of fraction thereof--$40
  5. Accessory structures (sheds, barns, garages, etc.)
    A. Up to 144 sq. ft.--$ no charge
    B.145 sq. ft. to $200 sq. ft.--$15.00
    C. 201 sq. ft. and up per 100 sq. ft.--$10.00
  6. Decks/Porches
    A. Per 100 sq. ft.--$20.00
  7. Heating appliances and chimneys--$50.00


  1. Swimming pools (all kinds) per inspection--$40.00
  2. Demolition permits--**$100.00
  3. Permit renewal fee 1 year--$20.00
  4. Cell towers--$200.00
  5. Sign Permits--$45.00
  6. Certificate of Occupancy--$25.00
  7. C/O Letters--$25.00